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Superior Strength. Low Carbon.

Waterless. Highly Impermeable.

SulfCrete offers an advanced sulfur polymer technology for maximum durability and minimal carbon footprint. 


Once produced SulfCrete has the potential of delivering twice the strength of conventional concrete with high resistance to corrosive elements. It will be quick setting and curing, will be easily recycled, remolded, and reused with low carbon manufacturing benefits. 





SulfCrete  Process

SulfCrete has an exclusive technology transfer agreement to patents for the most efficient, cost effective process to manufacture sulfur polymer concrete, using a stabilized sulfur binder and activated fillers. SulfCrete replaces expensive ($2000 a ton) conventional additives with a lower cost organic modifier ($150 a ton) enhanced by energetic mixing with fillers.

First In Class Technology

The SulfCrete technology has the potential to replace conventional Portland concrete in hundreds of applications by using sulfur-based thermoplastic binders in a new, clean sulfur concrete product. SulfCrete technology uses only sulfur, fly ash, sand, and an organic modifier in a unique composition to produce concrete that offers significant advantages.



Latest Advancement In Concrete Manufacturing 

Sulfcrete is the only concrete in its class, produced from sulphur, a by-product of oil and natural gas refinement, and fly ash.  

SulfCrete takes waste materials and effectively recycles them, eliminating land contamination caused by the massive stockpiling of refined sulfur. 

The process for manufacturing SulfCrete involves a low melting temperature, resulting in greatly reduced fossil fuel consumption and greatly reduced carbon emissions. SulfCrete technology promises to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete production by more than 90%..

SulfCrete also uses zero water in the mixing process, producing no connected pore structure. Thus, SulfCrete technology avoids the use of precious water while offering the potential of low permeability and excellent freeze/thaw durability.

Sulfcrete Innovation.jpg

Recyclable - Low Carbon Footprint

SulfCrete is a recyclable material because it hardens as a result of the solid factor of the heated liquid sulphur.  The process can be reversed easily and the material can be recycled by crushing and heating without loss of strength.


Superior Performance

Once produced SulfCrete has the potential to provide an end product which is a superior concrete material with twice the strength of conventional concrete, highly resistant to corrosive elements, improved impermeability and excellent freeze thaw durability, with quick setting and curing. It will easily be recycled, remolded, and reused with the same low carbon manufacturing benefits.

Enhanced Sustainability

SulfCrete uses a new form of clean sulfur polymer eliminating extensive heating and the heavy CO2 emissions from calcination associated with manufacturing conventional concrete.


Reports show that the replacement of Portland concrete production with sulfur polymer concrete such as that offered by SulfCrete can potentially reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing process by more than 93%. ​

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