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William Biamonte

CEO & Co-Founder

William is responsible for the overall strategy development and growth of Green SulfCrete globally. He negotiated the exclusive option to license the SulfCrete technology from a national laboratory and organized key strategic partnerships, including those with Stony Brook University, Clean Energy Business Incubator, Long Island High Tech Incubator, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Lewis Solomon


Lewis is responsible for strategic and operational management at SulfCrete through R&D and roll-out to scale in production and commercialization. He leverages industry and venture capital experience and contacts of 40+ years. Mr. Solomon is also currently Chairman of SCC Company, a consulting firm which specializes in technology. In this capacity Mr. Solomon advises both public and private corporations in the fields of investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and business strategy.

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Ann Kayman 

In-House Counsel

Ann provides strategic guidance, general legal counsel, contract administration, and business development support to SulfCrete as it launches and moves towards final R&D, production, and commercialization to scale. She is active in building strategic partnerships, industry relationships, and fundraising.