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SulfCrete is the only sulfur polymer being commercialized for deployment in North America. SulfCrete has the potential of being stronger, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than conventional Portland cement based concrete.


Concrete is the second most used resource after water. It is a fundamental requirement in construction, so the demand is substantial globally.

Compared to similar sulfur polymer concrete, such as SulfCrete is far more commercially viable given its unique modifier and patented production process. 


Only Sulfur Polymer Concrete Being Commercialized In

North America

Market Potential



Commercial Viability 

The market potential for Sulfcrete is huge. Today there is no North American initiative to manufacture and use sulphur polymer concrete – much less a sulphur polymer concrete which is commercially and environmentally sustainable.  

Previously, conventional sulphur polymer concrete was not commercially viable.  The high cost of the DCPD as a organic modifier made it difficult to produce and market the conventional product beyond a niche market.

Path to Commercialization

By contrast, the technology behind Sulfcrete allows for an easier path to commercialization, thru the substitution of DCPD with the inexpensive modifier.   It also solves the problem of how to handle sulphur stockpiles while governments continue to enact and implement ever stronger CO2 restrictions across all industries


Global Partnership Opportunity

Sulfcrete offers  an almost  turnkey opportunity, and hence, we are actively seeking industrial partners across the world to develop and commercialize this breakthrough, scalable and viable alternative to traditional portland hydraulic cement in a impactful measurable scale and to previously unviable sulphur polymer concrete alternatives.

Other firms specializing in sulfur polymer concrete, such as Micropowder in South Korea, are eager to utilize SulfCrete in their local markets. The capital outlay of a plant from commercial partner ASTEC is less than $2M. A normal batch concrete plant is approximately $10M. Speed of curing and capacity make SulfCrete competitive.​

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