The superior strength, durability and resistance of SulfCrete will enable it to be used in a vast array of applications. It can easily be tailored for specific purposes for higher resistance to acid or when greater strength and impact resistance will be necessary. 

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Sulfur Polymer Concrete

The prior art of sulfur polymer concrete has been demonstrated to be ideally suited for many non-structural concrete applications as confirmed by numerous scientific journal test reports dating back over 50 years.

Please note: The following statements do not represent any warranties of a particular purpose for any given applications. Nor should such statements be construed as any form of warranty by the national laboratory licensor of SulfCrete.

Rather, these statements are for development and discussion purposes only as potential applications of the product, once fully tested and in production for actual use.


Acid and Salt

SulfCete can be used in acid and salt environments, including: acid pump foundations, recycling systems, electrolytic cells, and cast industrial applications


Industrial Applications

Industrial applications include: pump bases, sumps, tanks, pits, containment areas, channels, tank pedestals, footings, beams, ore leach pads, load pack slabs, bricks and paving stones, drainage canals, sumps, tanks, flooring walls, and beams.

Marine Installations

Marine Installation such as: Port docks, bulk heads, pilings, piers, ship hulls, and structures exposed to damaging marine environment.



  • Extend the useful life of concrete infrastructure and buildings

  • Acid and Salt environments such as chemical, fertilizer, acid and mineral processing plants. Acid pump foundations, recycling systems, electrolytic cells , cast industrial applications, such as pump bases, sumps, tanks, pits, containment areas, channels, tank pedestals, footings, beams, ore leach pads, load pack slabs

  • Overlay existing concrete structures and facilities – Buildings housing livestock and in food process settings

  • Can be used to make weights to hold down gas and oil pipe lines in corrosive, wet, and cold environments – Sewer pipes – sewage treatment plants

  • Railways ties – Off shore drilling platforms – Construction blocks, slabs, and tilt up panels

  • Curbs and gutters – Bricks and paving stones – Roof tiles

  • Acid plants – drainage canals, sumps, tanks, flooring walls, and beams

  • Sodium sulfate plants, potash plants – Marine Installation, Port docks, Bulk heads, Pilings, Piers, Ship hulls, and Structures exposed to damaging marine environment.

  • Paving slabs and curbs, flag stones – Revetment Blocks – Drainage channels

  • Traffic Barriers – Retaining Walls – Garden Products

  • Sea Walls, rip rap, Jetty Blocks – Pavers, precast, curbs

  • Water works such as sea barriers and locks

  • Avoids the environmental impact of replacing the concrete

  • Artificial Reef Blocks – Pipe Linings, Tunnel Linings – Acid Tiles – Precast Architectural facings – Canal Linings – Pre-cast Drainage units – Runways, Roads, Port Facilities, Structures

  • High early strength applications for curing within hours​

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SulfCrete's patented technology and the prior ast of the sulfur polymer concrete demonstrate that SulfCrete offers many potential benefits.

  • Sulfcrete will sustain more repeat loadings. 

  • The setting does not involve a heat generating reaction.

  • Sulfcrete is easy to sterilize, therefore easier to eliminate and resist bacterial growth.

  • Sulfcrete can be poured in as low as -40C temperature. The low permeability makes it highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling and avoids the usual freezing problems in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Can be used as an overlay for concrete facilities that are under attack and corroding.

  • Sulcrete has greater Bond Strength to reinforcing steel.